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ADEA Sets New Strategic Directions

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Over the past year, the ADEA Board of Directors and staff have been hard at work developing a new set of strategic directions to guide the Association’s work over the upcoming years. The new framework, “Strategic Directions (2004-07),” builds upon ADEA’s mission, core values, and prior strategic directions and provides a broad overview of the key issues the Association will address in the next three years.

“These new strategic directions will guide the Association,” said Dr. Richard Valachovic, Executive Director, “as we work to advance our mission, promote our core values, and meet the needs of the students, faculty, administrators, and other key stakeholders in the field of dental and allied dental education.”

The process of developing these new strategic directions involved input from all parts of the Association. The insights and perspectives of every council and every area of the Association’s work were gathered through interviews with members of the Board of Directors and the Association’s senior staff. The interviews explored the key issues and opportunities facing the councils, the Association, and the field of dental and allied dental education. The new strategic directions were also discussed in a series of board planning meetings, at an all-staff retreat, and at a meeting of the Joint Council Administrative Boards.

    The four strategic directions for the next three years are:

•    Recruitment, development, retention, and
    renewal of dental and allied dental faculty;

•    Financing dental and allied dental

•    Meeting the oral health care needs of a     
    diverse population; and

•    Curriculum development and design to
    meet the changing needs of the field and
    the profession of dental education.

The Association will draw upon its core competencies and areas of expertise in order to develop and implement programs and strategies that address these critical issues. In addition to the work of the Central Office and the Board of Directors, the Council Administrative Boards will take a leadership role in identifying ways in which each council’s work can advance the strategic directions, as well as ways in which the councils can work together to have an even greater impact. These council-to-council conversations began at the Joint Council Administrative Boards meeting last month in Seattle and will continue over the months to come.

“The strategic directions process provided the Association with an opportunity to celebrate our many successes over the past three years,” said Dr. Valachovic, “and to refocus our efforts and resources on the critical issues we must address in the years ahead."

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