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ADEA Website Now Features Faceted Search Engine

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Have you noticed anything different when you search for content on the ADEA website at www.adea.org? ADEA is pleased to announce the release of a new, faceted search engine, which will make it easier for members to find relevant and meaningful content. Along with providing better search results, the new search engine brings more options for narrowing results. Users can now search for information and content specifically in articles, newsletter issues and other sources.

The faceted search engine provides guided navigation as a foundation for interacting with content on the website. For example, if you search “faculty development,” the facets enable you to find refined information related to Interprofessional Education, Assessment, Curriculum, Faculty Development, Learning, Teaching, and other topics. The new search engine also drives users to topics of which ADEA is a content authority.

The faceted search engine is the culmination of an extensive effort to develop taxonomy for the website and to apply the taxonomy to the content on the site. 

With the new taxonomy and improved search functionality, ADEA hopes to quickly connect members with the most relevant and current information on the website for any given topic. 

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