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A Snapshot Into Dental Prosthetic Technology

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The Los Angeles City College offers one of the two accredited Dental Prosthetic Technology Programs in California and the only one of its kind in Los Angeles County. For over 57 years, the program has educated students in this well-rounded profession, which blends creativity with science and technology and fulfills an essential role of improving patients’ quality of life.

In the past couple of years, the program has embarked on dynamic and extensive curricular updates. These changes have strengthened the program by combining hands-on applications with increased digital technology inclusion comprised of four levels of learning and competencies achievement in fixed and removable prosthodontics.

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Additionally, the program provides educational opportunities and support to underserved and culturally diverse student populations. While in the program, students are loaned laptop computers equipped with mainstream dental restorations design’ CAD software, such as 3Shape and Sirona inLab; and Microsoft Office 365. These additional resources provide all students the unique opportunity to hone their skills, while enabling successful learning and access to technology. The third CAD software addition, Exocad, is also scheduled to be implemented in fall 2022, with an additional 20 laptop computers to be loaned to first-year dental students.

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 One new instructional tool method introduced by a faculty member is virtual reality (VR) technology. This is just the beginning of the new direction the classroom instructions and learning will continue to transform toward. Although is too soon to evaluate the results, the student engagement and excitement when using the VR technology is evident.

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Courtesy of Arax Cohen, M.S., CDT, Professor of Dental Science and Dental Technology Department Chair, Los Angeles City College

Published on August 10, 2022

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