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Call for Submissions for the ADEA weTeach® Collection in MedEdPORTAL®

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The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) MedEdPORTAL provides a cross-indexed suite of services that equips educators, administrators and students in the health education professions with effective and efficient teaching and assessment resources. The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) has partnered with AAMC for MedEdPORTAL’s ADEA weTeach collection.

ADEA weTeach is the online destination for high-quality educational resources for dental, allied dental, advanced dental and other health professions educators. It is accessible through the ADEA website and MedEdPORTAL. Resources are identified with an emphasis on providing “how-to” information and best practices for teaching, learning and assessment.

Key characteristics of an ADEA weTeach resource in MedEdPORTAL:

  • Functions as a complete stand-alone “how-to” teaching/learning activity.
  • Copyright and permissions are addressed.
  • Consists of an educational summary report and all relevant appendix materials.
  • Generalizable, fully replicable and relevant for faculty at all institutions.
ADEA and AAMC welcome submissions for consideration to the ADEA weTeach collection in either the Publications or iCollaborative format.

MedEdPORTAL Publications is an online repository of peer-reviewed, classroom tested and assessed teaching resources that adhere to the full standards of professional scholarship. Submissions are first vetted for copyright and patient privacy compliance and then subjected to the scrutiny of two independent reviewers using a standardized peer-review process grounded in the tenants of scholarship. MedEdPORTAL publications are on par with traditional scholarly works, may support faculty tenure and advancement decisions and follow the MedEdPORTAL Submission Standards. Published authors receive a formal citation for their accepted publications.

Teaching materials that enhance the curriculum may take many forms, including tutorials, case studies, simulations or other tools that have a clear set of learning objectives and detailed instructions for implementation. 

For formal peer-review and posting of materials in Publications, please visit the Submit to Publications web page. To be considered for the ADEA weTeach collection, when prompted to enter keywords, use “weTeach” as one of the entries.

MedEdPORTAL iCollaborative is an open access, online platform for sharing information and exchanging best practices for transforming health care education and delivery. Submissions to iCollaborative do not undergo peer review, nor do authors receive a formal citation for their work. The purpose of posting materials within iCollaborative is to share and collaborate on health education and delivery innovations.  

To share your work in iCollaborative, please visit Submit to iCollaborative. To be considered for the ADEA weTeach collection, when prompted to enter keywords, use “weTeach” as one of the entries.

ADEA weTeach content-based questions:                            
Michelle Wheater, Ph.D., Associate Editor, ADEA weTeach            

MedEdPORTAL questions: 
Sara Hunt, Managing Editor


Published on November 9, 2016.


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