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Central Community College Introduces 3D Technology

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Courtesy of Central Community College

Central Community College Dental Hygiene has acquired new technology in line with the evolution of digital dental impressions. Digital impressions, also known as 3D intraoral scanning, is the latest technology in capturing a replica of the mouth. Digital impressions have replaced the alginate impressions in the dental hygiene program, and students only practice alginate impressions in the laboratory setting. Students perform all digital impressions on patients in the clinic. The technology also has advanced to 3D printing. Students no longer pour up models and trim them in coursework; they now take the technology and transmit the models to a 3D printer for printing. 

Central Community College acquired both of these technologies through an educational grant for community colleges. Vanessa Crookshank, RDH, who instructs the students with digital impressions, notes she is extremely proud to work at an institution that prioritizes and implements new research and technology in their course requirements. It gives students the opportunity to use the latest technology in clinical practice, which will soon replace old and outdated techniques. As more dental offices adopt these new techniques in their practices, students will be prepared to apply their knowledge and experience, which will set them apart in the workforce.

Courtesy of Central Community College

Courtesy of Wanda Cloet, D.H.S.C., RDH, Central Community College, Dental Hygiene Program Director

Published on April 14, 2021

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