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Examining the Cost of Higher Education and Student Borrowing

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ADEA’s latest report, A Report of the ADEA Presidential Task Force on the Cost of Higher Education and Student Borrowing , is now available online. The cost of higher education has risen in the past decade, resulting in record levels of student debt. Rising student debt raises two concerns:

  • New graduates with substantial debt may choose not to see low-income patients because of low reimbursement rates from public assistance programs as Medicaid. 
  • Rising costs of education and debt may make a dental career appear so costly for future dental school applicants that the general profession becomes unattractive.

The report examines the cost of dental education and student borrowing in the context of changing economics and higher education, outlining the financial issues facing dental education programs and the resulting impact on students, residents and fellows in terms of possible implications for decisions upon graduation.

The report culminates in recommendations to the dental education community and organized dentistry highlighting the needs to contain dental educations cost increases and reduce growth in student borrowing.

Access the full report and slide presentation at www.adea.org/costandborrowing.

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