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Editor’s Note

Evidence-Based Dental Education and Systematic Reviews

Review Article

Characteristics of the Cochrane Oral Health Group Systematic Reviews
Sorin T. Teich, Lisa A. Lang, Catherine A. Demko

Predoctoral Dental Education

Assessment of the Calibration of Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Among Dental Students at Three Dental Schools
Brittany A. Lane, Paul Luepke, Eros Chaves, Gerardo Maupome, George J. Eckert, Steven Blanchard, Vanchit John

Dental Students’ Perceptions of and Experiences with Prosthodontics: Ten Graduating Classes at One Institution
Jane H. Shin, Taru H. Kinnunen, Marisa Zarchy, John D. Da Silva, Brian Myung W. Chang, Robert F. Wright

Do Dental Students Use Optimal Study Strategies?
Maureen McAndrew, Rajit S. Kamboj, Gaëlle C. Pierre

Perceptions of Uncivil Student Behavior in Dental Education
Richard W. Ballard, Joseph L. Hagan, Janice A. Townsend, Mary B. Ballard, Paul C. Armbruster

Teaching Dental Students to Interact with Survivors of Traumatic Events: Development of a Two-Day Module
Sheela Raja, Chelsea F. Rajagopalan, Mariela Kruthoff, Alexandra Kuperschmidt, Priscilla Chang, Michelle Hoersch

Preparation Time and Perceptions of Brazilian Specialists and Dental Students Regarding Simulated Root Canals for Endodontic Teaching: A Preliminary Study
Diandra de S. Luz, Fernanda de S. Ourique, Roberta K. Scarparo, Fabiana V. Vier-Pelisser, Renata D. Morgental, Silvana B.G. Waltrick, José A.P. de Figueiredo

Advanced Dental Education

Background, Training Experiences, and Career Plans of U.S. Periodontal Residents: Report of a Web-Based Survey
Hani Mawardi, Ardavan Fateh, Lena Elbadawi, Nadeem Y. Karimbux

Training Needs for General Dentistry Residents to Place and Restore Two-Implant-Retained Mandibular Overdentures
Hans Malmstrom, Jin Xiao, Georgios E. Romanos, Yan-Fang Ren


Attitudes and Perceptions of U.S. Dental Students and Faculty Regarding Dental Licensure
Ahmad Abdelkarim, Donna Sullivan

The Influence of Examiner Type on Dental Students’ OSCE Scores
Sang E. Park, Arthur Kim, Joshua Kristiansen, Nadeem Y. Karimbux

Interprofessional Education

Attitudes Towards Shared Learning of Trainee Dental Technicians and Undergraduate Dental Students
Michael G. Reeson, Caroline Walker-Gleaves, Ian Ellis

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