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Journal of Dental Education, Volume 77, Number 6, June 2013

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Editor’s Note
International Dental Education

Expanding the Global Conversation in Dental Education: Guidelines for Scholarly Research and Writing for International Authors
Grant Townsend, Tracey Winning

Critical Issues in Dental Education
A Case Study on Development of an Integrated, Multidisciplinary Dental Curriculum
Nader A. Nadershahi, Daniel J. Bender, Lynn Beck, Steven Alexander

Dental Student Perceptions of Case-Based Educational Effectiveness
Carly T. McKenzie

Comprehensive Training in Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect for Dental Students: A Hybrid Curriculum
Chris S. Ivanoff, Timothy L. Hottel

Faculty Development
The Utility of Hybrid Promotion and Tenure Tracks for Dental School Faculty
Bernard J. Costello, Kathy L. Marshall, Tara Schafer, Scott Phillips, Thomas C. Hart

Long-Term Follow-Up of a Dental Faculty Development Program
Maureen McAndrew, Suzanne Motwaly, Tracy Ellen Kamens

Educational Methodologies
A Four-Tier Problem-Solving Scaffold to Teach Pain Management in Dental School
Chris S. Ivanoff, Timothy L. Hottel

Teaching with Technology: Learning Outcomes for a Combined Dental and Dental Hygiene Online Hybrid Oral Histology Course
Cynthia C. Gadbury-Amyot, Amul H. Singh, Pamela R. Overman

Embryology and Histology Education in North American Dental Schools: The Basic Science Survey Series
Dorothy T. Burk, Lisa M.J. Lee, H. Wayne Lambert

Integration of Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences in Oral Radiology Education for Dental Students
Mariam T. Baghdady, Heather Carnahan, Ernest W.N. Lam, Nicole N. Woods

Improving Light-Curing Instruction in Dental School
Marianne Federlin, Richard Price

Training and Use of Lasers in Postgraduate Orthodontic Programs in the United States and Canada
Chase O. Dansie, Jae Hyun Park, Inder Raj S. Makin

International Dental Education
Evaluation of a Virtual Reality Simulation System for Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown Preparation at Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Hirono Kikuchi, Masaomi Ikeda, Koji Araki

Nigerian Dental Therapy Students’ Knowledge, Attitude, and Willingness to Care for Patients with HIV
Clement Chinedu Azodo, Adebola Oluyemisi Ehizele, Agnes Umoh, Robinson Okechukwu

Stress and Health-Promoting Attributes in Australian, New Zealand, and Chilean Dental Students
Karla Gambetta-Tessini, Rodrigo Mariño, Mike Morgan, Wendell Evans, Vivienne Anderson

Women’s Motivation to Become Dentists in Brazil
Maria G. Kfouri, Samuel J. Moyses, Simone Tetu Moyses

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