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This Month in the Journal of Dental Education—December 2016(1)

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JDE Cover December 2016Guest Editorial
Periodontal Risk Assessment: A Call for Programs and Outcomes
Liran Levin

Faculty Development
Which Way to Lean? A National Study of Women Dental Faculty Members’ Career Aspirations and Choices
Cynthia C. Gadbury-Amyot, Marsha A. Pyle, Christopher J. Van Ness, Pamela R. Overman, Karen P. West

Predoctoral Dental Education
Creation and Initial Outcomes of a Selective Four-Year Research Program for Predoctoral Dental Students
Eileen H. Doherty, Nadeem Y. Karimbux, Gerard Kugel  

Applying Corporate Climate Principles to Dental School Operations 
Michelle A. Robinson, Michael S. Reddy

A New Model for Training in Periodontal Examinations Using Manikins 
Richard Heym, Sebastian Krause, Till Hennessen, Vinay Pitchika, Christina Ern, Reinhard Hickel

Effectiveness of a Specially Designed Dental Model for Training, Evaluation, and Standardization of Pocket Probing
Masayo Sunaga, Masato Minabe, Koji Inagaki, Atsuhiro Kinoshita

LGBT Coverage in U.S. Dental Schools and Dental Hygiene Programs: Results of a National Survey 
Kenneth L. Hillenburg, Carol A. Murdoch-Kinch, Janet S. Kinney, Henry Temple, Marita R. Inglehart   

Assessment of Diagnosed Temporomandibular Disorders and Orofacial Pain Conditions by Predoctoral Dental Students: A Pilot Study
Shawn S. Adibi, Krishna Kumar Kookal, Nichole M. Fishbeck, Chris R. Thompson, Muhammad F. Walji

Does the Sequence of Preclinical Dental Crown Type Preparations Affect Evaluation Scores? 
Tom V. Korioth, Michael A. McBride

Advanced Dental Education
The Global Footprint of Oral Medicine Specialists: The University of Pennsylvania Experience 
Eric T. Stoopler, Scott S. De Rossi, Martin S. Greenberg, Thomas P. Sollecito

Should Lecture Recordings Be Mandated in Dental Schools? Two Viewpoints 
Andrea Ferreira Zandona, Janet Kinney, WookJin Seong, Vandana Kumar, Alexander Bendayan, Edmond Hewlett

Should Attendance Be Required in Lecture Classrooms in Dental Education? Two Viewpoints
Christopher W. Cutler, Mary Parise, Ana Lucia Seminario, Maria Jose Cervantes Mendez, Wilhelm Piskorowski, Renato Silva

Association Report
U.S. Dental School Applicants and Enrollees, 2015 Entering Class 
Tanya Wanchek, Bryan J. Cook, Richard W. Valachovic  

Published on December 14, 2016.

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