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This Month in the Journal of Dental Education—February 2018

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2017 Year-End Review

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Allied Dental Education
Improving Evaluation of Dental Hygiene Students’ Cultural Competence With a Mixed-methods Approach
Priscilla Flynn, Nassim Sarkarati

Relationship Between Dental Hygiene Students’ Performance in an Oral Radiology Course and the National Board Dental Hygiene Examination: A Retrospective Study
Hui Liang, Janice P. DeWald, Eric S. Solomon

Post-graduation Effects of an Advocacy Engagement Project on Alumni of a Dental Hygiene Program
Leciel K. Bono, Ellen J. Rogo, Kathleen Hodges, Alan C. Frantz

Use of Progress Testing in a UK Dental Therapy and Hygiene Educational Program
Kamran Ali, Daniel Zahra, Christopher Tredwin, Claire Mcilwaine, Gill Jones

Faculty Development
Dental Student and Faculty Perceptions of Uncivil Behavior by Faculty Members in Classroom and Clinic
Richard W. Ballard, Joseph L. Hagan, Suzanne E. Fournier, Janice A. Townsend, Mary B. Ballard, Paul C. Armbruster

Attitudes Towards Problem-based Learning of Faculty Members at U.S. Medical and Dental Schools: A Comparative Study 
Ahmad Abdelkarim, Dorothy Schween, Timothy Ford

Predoctoral Dental Education
Dental Students’ Perceived Clinical Competence in Prosthodontics: Comparison of Traditional and Problem-based Learning Methodologies
Javier Montero, Abraham Dib, Yasmina Guadilla, Javier Flores, Juan Antonio Santos, Rosa Anaya Aguilar, Cristina Gómez-Polo

2018 ADEA Annual Session: Poster Abstracts and TechExpo Presentations
Poster Abstracts
Poster Abstracts: Author Index
Poster Abstracts: Subject Index
TechExpo: Abstracts of Presentations
TechExpo Abstracts: Author Index

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