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This Month in the Journal of Dental Education—January 2017

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JDE Cover Jan 2017Journal of Dental Education, Volume 81, Number 1, January 2017

Guest Editorial
Nutrition Education for Oral Health Professionals: A Must, Yet Still Neglected 
Saima Yunus Khan, Katrina Holt, Norman Tinanoff

Predoctoral Dental Education
Exploring How U.S. Dental Schools Teach Removal of Carious Tissues During Cavity Preparations 
Marcelle M. Nascimento, Linda S. Behar-Horenstein, Xiaoying Feng, Sandra Guzmán-Armstrong, Margherita Fontana

Dental Students’ Reflections on Quality of Periodontal Care in Dental School Clinics
Sangeetha Chandrasekaran, Charles Powell, Laurice de la Rosa, Anuj Mittal, Lonnie Johnson

Dental Students’ Knowledge of Resources for LGBT Persons: Findings From Three Dental Schools
Xiaoying Feng, Leda Mugayar, Edna Perez, Pamela R. Nagasawa, David G. Brown, Linda S. Behar-Horenstein

The Embedded Counseling Model: An Application to Dental Students
David Francis Adams

Power of Peers: Students’ Perceptions of Pairing in Clinical Dental Education
Denise A. Mills, Christine L. Hammer, Aseel Murad

Dental Students’, Alumni and Dentists’ Perspectives on Leadership: Impact of the Scholars Program in Dental Leadership
Audrey L. Niemchick, Jessica Delgado, Russell S. Taichman, Marita R. Inglehart

Allied Dental Education
The Relationship Between Mock Boards and Clinical Board Examinations in Dental Hygiene Education
Victoria M. Martin, Ellen J. Rogo, Kathleen O. Hodges, Neill F. Piland, Sharon E. Osborn Popp

Interprofessional Education
Dental Students’ Perceptions of Learning Value in PBL Groups With Medical and Dental Students Together Versus Dental Students Alone
Maryam Amin, Rosslynn Zulla, Gisele Gaudet-Amigo, Steven Patterson, Natalie Murphy, Shelley Ross

Advanced Dental Education
Career and Professional Satisfaction of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residents, Academic Surgeons and Private Practitioners: Does Gender Matter?
Kyriaki C. Marti, Jesse Lanzon, Sean P. Edwards, Marita R. Inglehart

Caries Removal by First-Year Dental Students: A Multisource Competency Assessment Strategy for Reflective Practice
Tracy L. de Peralta, Vidya Ramaswamy, Elisabeta Karl, Elizabeth Van Tubergen, Mary Ellen McLean, Mark Fitzgerald

Effect of a Pilot Preclinical Incentive Program on Dental Students’ Performance on a Clinical Competency Exam
Gregory M. Schuster, Ronald J. Hunt, Harold J. Haering, Jr.

Predicting Performance in Technical Preclinical Dental Courses Using Advanced Simulation
Riki Gottlieb, Mary A. Baechle, Charles Janus, Sharon K. Lanning

The Benefit of a Switch: Answer-Changing on Multiple-Choice Exams by First-Year Dental Students
Sarah E. Pagni, Anna G. Bak, Steven E. Eisen, Jennipher L. Murphy, Matthew D. Finkelman, Gerard Kugel

Peer Education: Reviews of the Literature (PERLs)

Published on January 11, 2017.

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