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This Month in the Journal of Dental Education—March 2017

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JDE March CoverGuest Editorial
Renewing Our Commitment to the Future of Dental Education: ADEA CCI 2.0
Cecile A. Feldman, Richard W. Valachovic

Faculty Development
Faculty Development for Metro New York City Postdoctoral Dental Program Directors: Delphi Assessment and Program Response
Marcie S. Rubin, Mari Millery, Burton L. Edelstein

Self-perceived Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Use of Evidence-based Dentistry Among Practitioners Transitioning to Dental Educators
Mae J. Ciancio, Michelle M. Lee, Nathaniel D. Krumdick, Catherine Lencioni, Preetha P. Kanjirath

Advanced Dental Education
Cross-sectional Analysis of National Dental Residency Match Data
Sivaraman Prakasam, Patrick Brady, Veeratrishul Allareddy, Sankeerth Rampa, Kyungsup Shin, Romesh Nalliah, Veerasathpurush Allareddy

Allied Dental Education
Assessing Student Satisfaction With Face-to-Face Synchronous Distance Education in a Dental Hygiene Program
Lory A. Libby, Linda D. Boyd, Kristeen R. Perry, Christine Dominick

Use of Technology in Dental Education
Use of Electronic Versus Print Textbooks by Chilean Dental Students: A National Survey
Pedro Christian Aravena, Karen Schulz, Annemarie Parra, Francisco Perez-Rojas, Cristian Rosas, Ricardo Cartes-Velásquez

Predoctoral Dental Education
Identifying Noncognitive Skills That Contribute to Dental Students’ Success: Dental Faculty Perspectives
Shannon Myers Virtue, Laura Pendergast, Marisol Tellez, Elizabeth Waldron, Amid Ismail

The Relationship Between Dental Students’ Assessment Ability and Preclinical and Academic Performance in Operative Dentistry
Cliff Lee, Sheetal R. Asher, Supattriya Chutinan, German O. Gallucci, Hiroe Ohyama

Developing a Relevant Taxonomy to Assess Dental School Clinic Patient Complaints
Janine M. Fredericks-Younger, Marisa L. Handelman-Yellin, Jill A. York

Optimization and Preclinical Perception of an Artificial Simulator for Endodontic Training: A Preliminary Study
Lieven Robberecht, Jean-Christophe Hornez, Marion Dehurtevent, Thomas Dufour, Julien Labreuche, Etienne Deveaux, Feng Chai

Safety Assessment of Two Hybrid Instrumentation Techniques in a Dental Student Endodontic Clinic: A Retrospective Study
Marcelo Santos Coelho, Steven John Card, Peter Zahi Tawil

Using Standardized Patients to Teach Complete Denture Procedures in Second Year of Dental School
Gary M. Johnson, Christine A. Halket, Gilda P. Ferguson, Jeffrey Perry

Clinical Performance Measures and Quality Improvement System Considerations for Dental Education
Joseph A. Parkinson, Gregory G. Zeller

Published on March 8, 2017.

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