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This Month in the Journal of Dental Education—March 2018

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JDE CoverJournal of Dental Education, Volume 82, Number 3, March 2018

Guest Editorial
Social Determinants of Health: An Essential Element in Dental Education
Tamanna Tiwari

Integrating Social Determinants of Health Into Dental Curricula: An Interprofessional Approach 
Emily Sabato, Jessica Owens, Ann Marie Mauro, Patricia Findley, Sangeeta Lamba, Kim Fenesy

Should Live Patient Licensing Examinations in Dentistry Be Discontinued? Two Viewpoints
Tien-Min Gabriel Chu, Nicholas Makhoul, Daniela Rodrigues P. Silva, Theresa S. Gonzales, Adriadne Letra, Keith A. Mays

U.S. Dental Schools’ Preparation for the Integrated National Board Dental Examination
Mai-Ly T. Duong, Annaliese E. Cothron, Nathaniel C. Lawson, Eileen H. Doherty

Analyzing Dental Students’ Clinic Production Using Time-Based Relative Value Units: Ten-year Cross-cohort Mapping
R. Todd Watkins Jr., Linc J. Conn, Robert G. Gellin, Theresa S. Gonzales, Lindsey M. Hamil, Monica J. Cayouette, Michael G. Schmidt

The Dental School Interview as a Predictor of Dental Students’ OSCE Performance
Sang E. Park, Mirissa D. Price, Nadeem Y. Karimbux

A Scoring System for Assessing Learning Progression of Dental Students’ Clinical Skills Using Haptic Virtual Workstations
Margaret J. Cox, Sama Ria, Barry F. Quinn, Jonathan P. San Diego, Ali Bakir, Mark J. Woolford

Methods and Purposes for Conducting Students’ Course Evaluations Reported by North American Dental School and Dental Hygiene Program Leaders: A Preliminary Survey Study
Robin Reinke, Tonya R.R. Enright, Shalizeh Azizi Patel, Rebecca Love, Ala Ali, Zsuzsa Horvath

Faculty Development
Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Among Indiana Dental Faculty, Periodontists and General Practice Dentists: A Multi-group Comparison
Allison K. Marlow, Yusuke Hamada, Gerardo Maupome, George J. Eckert, Vanchit John

Predoctoral Dental Education
Teaching Dental Students About Incarceration and Correctional Dentistry: Results From a National Survey
Fiorella Candamo, Matthew Tobey, Lisa Simon

Effect of Lecture Attendance and Prerequisite Academic Outcomes on Dental Students’ Oral Pathology Performance
Brian S. Shumway, Mark L. Bernstein, Chen Qian, Manjiri Y. Kulkarni, Shesh N. Rai

Dental Students’ Interpretations of Digital Panoramic Radiographs on Completely Edentate Patients 
Richard J. Kratz, Caroline T. Nguyen, Joanne N. Walton, David MacDonald

Teaching Cell Biology to Dental Students with a Project-based Learning Approach
Daniela Costa-Silva, Juliana A. Côrtes, Rober F. Bachinski, Carolina N. Spiegel, Gutemberg G. Alves

Published on March 14, 2018

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