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This Month in the Journal of Dental Education—May 2017

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May 2017 JDE CoverGuest Editorial
Moving Beyond the Traditional Dental Path to Better Serve Diverse Communities
George Haddad

Review Article
Dental Students’ Attitudes Toward Tobacco Cessation in the Dental Setting: A Systematic Review
Shannon Myers Virtue, Elizabeth M. Waldron, Katie Darabos, Courtney DeAngelis, David A. Moore, Maria Fornatora, Marisol Tellez

Allied Dental Education
Dental School Faculty Attitudes Toward Dental Therapy: A Four-year Follow-up
Karl D. Self, Naty Lopez, Christine M. Blue

Predoctoral Dental Education
A Comparison of Seven Predental Postbaccalaureate Programs in Gaining Dental School Acceptance for Their Students 
Gary M. Johnson, Howard H. Polk, Scott D. Van Da Huvel, Gilda P. Ferguson, Scott D. Soby

Stress Level of Dental and Medical Students: Comparison of Effects of a Subject-based Curriculum Versus a Case-based Integrated Curriculum
Fatemah A. Ahmad, Anfal A. Karimi, Naela A. Al-Bloushi, Qasem D. AL-Omari, Fatma J. Al-Sairafi, Muawia A. Qudeimat

Satisfaction of Dental Students, Faculty and Patients With Tooth Shade-matching Using a Spectrophotometer
Erin Ballard, Michael J. Metz, Bryan T. Harris, Cynthia J. Metz, Jang-Ching Chou, Dean Morton, Wei-Shao Lin

Faculty Development
Dental Faculty Accuracy When Using Diagnostic Codes: A Pilot Study
Jeanne C. Sutton, Rose-Marie Fay, Carolyn P. Huynh, Cleverick D. Johnson, Liang Zhu, Ryan L. Quock

Should Dental Schools Train Dentists to Routinely Provide Limited Preventive Primary Medical Care? Two Viewpoints
Donald B. Giddon, R. Bruce Donoff, Paul C. Edwards, Lawrence I. Goldblatt

Student Self-assessment of Operative Dentistry Experiences: A Time-dependent Exercise in Self-directed Learning
Michael J. Metz, Marcelo T. Durski, Megan O’Malley DeGaris, Timothy C. Daugherty, Randall L. Vaught, Celine Joyce Cornelius, Theresa G. Mayfield

Types of Feedback in Competency-based Predoctoral Orthodontics: Effects on Students’ Attitudes and Confidence
Mitchell J. Lipp, Kiyoung Cho, Han Suk Kim

Evaluation of Reliability in Structured Viva Voce as a Formative Assessment of Dental Students
Kiran Kumar Ganji

Dental Students’ Perceptions of Digital Assessment Software for Preclinical Tooth Preparation Exercises
Carly F. Park, Justin M. Sheinbaum, Yasushi Tamada, Raina Chandiramani, Lisa Lian, Cliff Lee, John Da Silva, Shigemi Ishikawa-Nagai

Evaluation of a New Grading System for Clinical Skills in Dental Student Clinics
Aurel D. Bodenmann, Julia M. Bühler, Mauro Amato, Ronald Weiger, Nicola U. Zitzmann

Association Report
Annual ADEA Survey of Dental School Seniors: 2016 Graduating Class
Tanya Wanchek, Bryan J. Cook, Richard W. Valachovic

Published on May 10, 2017.

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