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This Month in the Journal of Dental Education—November 2015

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JDE November 2015

Advanced Dental Education
Preparedness of Entering Pediatric Dentistry Residents: Advanced Pediatric Program Directors’ and First-Year Residents’ Perspectives
John Rutkauskas, N. Sue Seale, Paul Casamassimo, John S. Rutkauskas

Educators’ and Applicants’ Views of the Postdoctoral Pediatric Dentistry Admission Process: A Qualitative Study
Kevin S. Ricker, Paul Mihas, Jessica Y. Lee, Janet M. Guthmiller, Michael W. Roberts, Kimon Divaris

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Pediatric Dentists Regarding Speech Evaluation of Patients: Implications for Dental Education
Lisa Van Eyndhoven, Steven Chussid, Richard K. Yoon

Interprofessional Education
Interprofessional Education in U.S. Dental Hygiene Programs: A National Survey

Danielle Furgeson, Janet S. Kinney, Anne E. Gwozdek, Rebecca Wilder, Marita R. Inglehart

Association Between Dental Student-Developed Exam Questions and Learning at Higher Cognitive Levels
Carlos Gonzalez-Cabezas, Olivia S. Anderson, Mary C. Wright, Margherita Fontana

A One-Day Dental Faculty Workshop in Writing Multiple-Choice Questions: An Impact Evaluation
Eiad AlFaris, Naghma Naeem, Farhana Irfan, Riaz Qureshi, Hussain Saad, Ra’ed Al Sadhan, Hamza Mohammad Abdulghani, Cees Van der Vleuten

Item Analysis of Multiple-Choice Questions in Teaching Prosthodontics
V.N.V. Madhav

Agreement Among Dental Students, Peer Assessors, and Tutors in Assessing Students’ Competence in Preclinical Skills

Jennifer I. Foley, Gillian L. Richardson, Joyce Drummie

Correlation Between Students’ Dental Admission Test Scores and Performance on a Dental School’s Competency Exam
Alexander M. Carroll, Gregory M. Schuster

Predoctoral Dental Education
Are All Dentiform Teeth With Simulated Caries the Same? A Six-Year Retrospective Study in Preclinical Operative Dentistry
Alex J. Delgado, Ricardo Walter, Linda S. Behar-Horenstein, Lee W. Boushell

Faculty Development
The Role of Organizational Context in the Creation and Sustainability of Dental Faculty Development Initiatives
Maureen McAndrew, Suzanne M. Motwaly, Tracy Ellen Kamens

Use of Technology in Dental Education

Using a Simulated Infobutton Linked to an Evidence-Based Resource to Research Drug-Drug Interactions: A Pilot Study With Third-Year Dental Students
Irina F. Dragan, Michael Newman, Paul Stark, Bjorn Steffensen, Nadeem Karimbux

Development and Application of a New Learning Object for Teaching Operative Dentistry Using Augmented Reality

Luciana Cardoso Espejo-Trung, Silvia Nagib Elian, Maria Aparecia Alves De Cerqueira Luz

Development and Evaluation of an Endodontic Simulation Model for Dental Students

Michael Wolgin, Paul Wiedemann, Wilhelm Frank, Karl-Thomas Wrbas, Andrej M. Kielbassa

Association Report

U.S. Dental School Applicants and Enrollees, 2014 Entering Class 
Tanya Wanchek, Bryan J. Cook, Eugene L. Anderson, Lauren Duranleau, Carolyn Booker

Published on November 11, 2015.

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