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This Month in the Journal of Dental Education—October 2017

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JDE Cover October 2017Guest Editorial
Building a Humanistic Culture in Dental Education
Nader A. Nadershahi

Predoctoral Dental Education
Climate Study of the Learning Environment for Faculty, Staff and Students at a U.S. Dental School: Foundation for Culture Change
C.A. Murdoch-Kinch, R.E. Duff, V. Ramaswamy, T.V. Ester, S.A. Sponseller, J.A. Seeley

Quality of Life Among Dental Students: A Survey Study
Amanda Andre, Gaelle C. Pierre, Maureen McAndrew

Testing Motor Learning Curves Among Dental Students
Gilad Ben-Gal, Liori Katorza, Ervin I. Weiss, Amitai Ziv

Effectiveness of Standardized Patient Simulations in Teaching Clinical Communication Skills to Dental Students
Carly T. McKenzie, Ken R. Tilashalski, Dawn Taylor Peterson, Marjorie Lee White

Allied Dental Education
Ergonomics Calibration Training Utilizing Photography for Dental Hygiene Faculty Members
Brian B. Partido

Dental Hygiene Students’ Self-assessment of Ergonomics Utilizing Photography
Brian B. Partido

Dental and Dental Hygiene Intraprofessional Education: A Pilot Program and Assessment of Students’ and Patients’ Satisfaction
Vickie E. Jones, Anastasios Karydis, Timothy L. Hottel

Relationship of Dental Hygiene Students’ Engagement to Their Academic Achievement
Susan M. Leiken

Advanced Dental Education
Postdoctoral Teaching of Geriatric Dentistry in U.S. Dental Schools
Ronald L. Ettinger, Zachary S. Goettsche, Fang Qian

Use of Technology in Dental Education
Dental Students’ Perceptions of Digital and Conventional Impression Techniques: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Nicola U. Zitzmann, Irina Kovaltschuk, Patrik Lenherr, Philipp Dedem, Tim Joda

Incidence and Determinants of Dental Implant Failure: A Review of Electronic Health Records in a U.S. Dental School
Matthew Parker Hickin, Jaffer A. Shariff, Philip J. Jennette, Joseph Finkelstein, Panos N. Papapanou

12-Year Use of a Digital Reference Library (VitalBook) at a U.S. Dental School: Students’ and Alumni Perceptions
Andrew I. Spielman, Elizabeth Maas, Elise Eisenberg

Peer Education: Reviews of the Literature (PERLs)

Published on October 11, 2017

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