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This Month in the Journal of Dental Education—September 2017

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JDE September CoverGuest Editorial
Leveling the Three-legged Stool
D. Gregory Chadwick

Community-based Dental Education
Enhancing Dental Students’ Understanding of Poverty Through Simulation
Lewis N. Lampiris, Alex White, Lattice D. Sams, Tiffany White, Jane A. Weintraub

Interprofessional Education
Screening for Diabetes in a Dental School Clinic to Assess Interprofessional Communication Between Physicians and Dental Students
Rick Ken Biethman, Cyril Pandarakalam, M. Nathalia Garcia, Sara Whitener, Charles F. Hildebolt

Educating Medical Students in Oral Health Care: Malaysian and Australian Students’ Perceptions of Educational Experience and Needs
Mas Suryalis Ahmad, Menaka Arundathi Abuzar, Ishak Abdul Razak, Sabariah Abdul Rahman, Gelsomina Lucia Borromeo

Improving Dental Students’ Long-Term Retention of Pharmacy Knowledge With “Medication Minutes”
Adam M. Persky, Michael A. Wells, Kimberly A. Sanders, Jim Fiordalisi, Christine Downey, Heidi N. Anksorus

Predoctoral Dental Education
A Survey of Dental Implant Instruction in Predoctoral Dental Curricula in North America
Hidemichi Kihara, Jie Sun, Maiko Sakai, Shigemi Nagai, John Da Silva

Dental and Medical Students’ Use and Perceptions of Learning Resources in a Human Physiology Course
Monica Tain, Richard Schwartzstein, Bernard Friedland, Sang Park

Color-blind Racial Beliefs Among Dental Students and Faculty
Linda S. Behar-Horenstein, Yu Su

Impact of a Differential Learning Approach on Practical Exam Performance: A Controlled Study in a Preclinical Dental Course
Sven-Olav Pabel, Anne-Kathrin Pabel, Jan Schmickler, Xenia Schulz, Annette Wiegand

Developing Common Competencies for Southeast Asian General Dental Practitioners
Supachai Chuenjitwongsa, Suchit Poolthong, Alison Bullock, Richard G. Oliver

Advancing Dental Education in the 21st Century
The Oral Health Care Delivery System in 2040: Executive Summary of Section 4
Howard L. Bailit

The Allied Dental Professions: Executive Summary of Section 5 
Jacquelyn L. Fried

Dental Research and Scholarship in 2040: Executive Summary of Section 6
Peter J. Polverini

Published on September 13, 2017

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