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What It Means to Them: Looking Back with the 2014 Gies Awards Winners

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Gies Awards statuettesConsidered the “Oscars” of dental education, the Gies Awards recognizes exceptional contributions to and support of oral health and dental education. ADEA reached out to award winners from the 2014 William J. Gies Awards for Vision, Innovation and Achievement for their insight on the award. Here are some reflections on what the Gies Award means to them. 

“The William J. Gies Award strengthens A.T. Still University’s Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health’s unwavering pledge to ensure that the caring and compassionate students we select are prepared to enter the dental field with a strong foundation of critical inquiry, evidence-based practice, research, cultural competency, an orientation to prevention and interdisciplinary healthcare experiences. This prestigious award serves as a perpetual reminder of why we are who we are,” said Jack Dillenberg, D.D.S. M.P.H., Dean at ATSU-ASDOH. ATSU-ASDOH won the Gies Award for Outstanding Innovation - Academic Dental Institution.

The Hinman Dental Society of Atlanta won the Gies Award for Outstanding Vision - Public or Private Partner. Dr. Paul Isler, 2014 Hinman Trustee Chairman shared, “Dr. Hinman and Dr. Gies were like-minded individuals and pursued excellence in dental education.  They also instilled in their protégés the drive to aspire to excellence in all they do. The Hinman Dental Society was founded on this principle of excellence and strives to continue to support and promote dental education nationwide.” 

Henry Schein, Inc. won the Gies Award for Outstanding Achievement - Public or Private Partner. Stanley Bergman, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Henry Schien, Inc. believes that it is the responsibility of the dental industry, oral health professionals and educators, NGOs, government agencies and others, not only to educate dental students, but also to ensure that the public has access to dental healthcare by “doing good.” 

“This award very powerfully underscores for us that our path of ‘doing well by doing good’ through public-private partnerships is the right path. It inspires us to continue to find innovative ways to maximize our positive impact on society to continue to ‘help health happen.’”

The 2015 Gies Awards Call for Nominations is now open. Submit yours today! Nominations are due on or before Monday, October 27.

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