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What’s New on ADEA Connect?

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New Academic Deans Community—The former Academic Deans Listserv is now on ADEA Connect. ADEA members previously on the Academic Deans Listserv with an active ADEA membership have been auto subscribed to this new community and should have received a welcome email. Questions? Contact professionaldevelopment@adea.org.

ADEA Test Pilots New All Member Community—Starting in August, the COVID-19 Response Community in ADEA Connect will transition for a three-month pilot period to a new topic-based community. All posts will be tagged upon creation and the content is easily searchable and accessible by all ADEA members. Following the pilot period, a decision will be made to continue as a topic community or to change it to a regular discussion community.

Redesigned Library—Coming soon! ADEA Connect will launch a new resource library format with an interactive card design to provide a new way to browse files. The new format includes improvements when previewing files and including the ability to see details of a resource without opening a new page.

Published on July 14, 2021

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