Conference Connections Program


It is our vision to provide a positive and welcoming experience to all ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors’ Conference (ADEA ADPDC) attendees.

The Conference Connections program is an opportunity to bring experienced ADEA ADPDC attendees together with new attendees. Many new ADEA ADPDC attendees are unsure of how to maximize their conference experience. The goal of this informal networking program is to help new attendees navigate the conference, form personal connections with their peers and feel welcomed.

Participant Information


Preregistration for this program is required. Once we have a final list of Conference Connections participants, new attendees will be matched into groups with a seasoned attendee.

It is our vision that your groups will network with other attendees and foster professional relationships that may last long past the end of ADPDC.

If you are faculty attending with your Program Director colleague who is participating in Conference Connections, you are welcome to shadow them for this program.

Interested in participating as a new or seasoned attendee? Make sure to sign up when you register!


  • Join us for a brief orientation on Saturday, June 1. Check-in will be 10:00–10:30 a.m. ET and the orientation session will be 10:30 a.m. – noon ET, before the conference begins.

  • The Conference Connections check-in booth and orientation session location will be updated at a later date. Conference Connections participants will pick up their ADPDC badges and bags at this booth. There is no need to visit the main registration booth unless you require further assistance or have questions for ADEA’s registration team.

  • During orientation, new attendees will be provided an overview of what to expect during the conference and meet new and seasoned fellow attendees within their own and other groups.

  • All Conference Connections participants are required to attend the orientation session so that participants can fully experience the program.


For questions regarding the Conference Connection Program: Erin Sigmon, or 202-849-4193.

For questions regarding programming: Rebecca Stolberg, or 202-238-3946.

For questions regarding logistics: Donna Casimier, or 202-238-3992.

For questions regarding registration: Shalonda King,