Tips for Applying

You’ve chosen to join a great, exciting profession.

ADEA DHCAS® (ADEA Dental Hygiene Centralized Application Service) is the online application for dental hygiene programs. Many dental hygiene programs will ask you to apply through ADEA DHCAS. This page is all about the “what” and “how” of applying.  

Four Steps of the Application Process 

Step 1: Open the Application

  • Create an account .
  • Select your program.
  • Request transcripts! All postsecondary transcripts are required, even if you only took one course.
  • Answer all questions. Break out your resume and copy in all experiences and achievements. Go you!
  • Fill out the coursework. Yes, the programs will also see your transcripts, but entering the data makes the admissions process quicker—meaning you’ll get a decision faster! Add all courses you’ve taken and match them to the program’s prerequisites.
  • Apply for ADEA DHCAS Fee Assistance Program .

Step 2: Submit the Application

When all the questions are completed and transcripts are requested, submit the application!

Congrats, you’ve officially completed Step 2. Your status should be listed as “Received”.

Applicants are encouraged to check the status of your ADEA DHCAS application once you have submitted. It is very important to check the application status throughout the cycle.

Step 3: Complete the Application

  • Check for receipt of all transcripts. Log in to your application and select “Check Status” to see what’s missing.
  • Check receipt of other documents, like letters of evaluation, if the program requires it.

All your documents are in? Yes! Now you are in Step 3 of the process and your status is “Completed.” The program can see your application.

Step 4: Check Application Verification

Lucky you! This last step is all on ADEA DHCAS. The verification process means the ADEA DHCAS team looks at your official transcripts and makes sure they match the coursework you entered.

Check notifications and your status to make sure it is completed, usually one week after all documents are sent in.

Did you catch all of that? Here is a quick reminder of the important bits:

  • Request all college and university transcripts.
  • Answer all questions completely.
  • Make sure to track your program to get to “Verified” status.

Fun fact: There are four steps in the application process and four sections of the application to complete!

Step 1:
Open the Application

Step 2:
Submit the Application

Step 3:
Complete the Application

Step 4:
Check Application Verification

Congrats, you’ve made it to the end of ADEA DHCAS! If your application status is “Verified”, take a victory lap.

And then keep going! Programs may have requirements, supplemental applications and interviews in addition to the ADEA DHCAS application.

Keep your email address updated and respond in a timely manner. Good luck on your journey to becoming a dental hygienist.

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