Charting Progress

ADEA's Charting Progress is a monthly e-newsletter by ADEA President and CEO Richard W. Valachovic, D.M.D., M.P.H., examining critical issues in dental education.

April: Forever Grateful
March: Maxims, Mantras and Musings From My Time at ADEA
February: Looking to the Military for a Few Good Educators
January:  Absolutely Breathtaking: Breakthroughs Shaping the Future of Health Care

December:  Setting the Direction for Licensure
November:  Survey Findings Shed Light on ADEA Priorities
October:  From Marginal to Mainstream: Dental Support Organizations
September:  The Perils of Prediction
August:  Closer to a Crossroads
July:  Expediting the Dental School Application Process
June:  Vaping and Marijuana Complicate Kicking the Tobacco Habit
May: A Matter of Life and Death
April:  Opening Our Minds to Shape the Future
March:  Viewing Dentistry Through a Public Health Lens
February: An Expanded Vision for Dentistry
January:  Placing Dentists Where They Can Do the Most Good

December:  Louisiana: Home to IPE’s Secret Ingredient
November:  A Dental Response to the Opioid Epidemic
October:  Tough Questions for the Future of Dental Care
September: Putting Academic Allied Leadership Within Reach
August:  New Clinical Licensure Testing: Coming to a State Near You?
July:  From the Grassroots on Up: A Focus on Well-being
June:  London, Havana, Québec—A Year of Cross-border Collaboration
May:  ADEA Chapters for Students, Residents and Fellows: A Faculty Recruitment Strategy
April:  In the Mix at Annual Session: Something for Everyone
March:  Love Thy Neighbor: Forging Closer Ties With Canada
February: Cultivating the Next Generation of Researchers
January:  Averting a Post-Millennial “Bust” 


December:  The End of “Obamacare?” Yes and No
November:  A Fresh Look at the Cost Conundrum
October: ADEA’s Global Journey: Next Stop, London
September:  IPE at the Tipping Point 
August: Finally, Some Closure (Supreme Court decision on race in admissions)
July:  The Not-So-Sweet Link Between Oral and Systemic Health
June: Game Changers? Time Will Tell. (virtual reality and games in education)
May:  Are We Patient Enough to Build a Culture of Research and Scholarship?
April:  A Superlative ADEA Gathering in Denver
March:  Breaking the Mold to Spur Innovation (ADEA CCI)
February:  Leadership Development: ADEA’s Long-Term Investment in Dental Education
January:  Fresh Perspectives on Student Debt

December:  And I Quote: Revisiting a Decade of Charting Progress
November:  Placing Dental Implants: The Search for Common Ground
October:  Reimagining Dental Education in Canada
September:  What Big Data Could Mean for Dental Education
August:  The Changing Face of IPE and Collaborative Care
July:  Harnessing the Potential of Saliva
June:  How Gently Do You Image?
May: Making a Good Program Better(academic dental careers)
April:  Plenty of Fire, Surprisingly Little Ice: Minds Ignite in Boston
March:  Dental Clinic Finances: Lessons from the Big Ten and an Innovative Five
February:  The “Quadratic Equation” of Educational Costs
January: Making the Grade in a Pass/Fail Environment: Challenges for Advanced Dental Education Programs


December: Making the Grade in a Pass/Fail Environment: What It Means for Students
November: Closing the Gender Gap in Academic Dentistry
October:  Setting the Record Straight on Fluoride
September:  Ready or Not, the Era of Personalized Dentistry Is Here
August:  A Dental Education Remains an Attractive Investment
July:  Interprofessional Collaboration Benefits ADEA and Its Partners
June:  From Bungalow to Big Box? How DSOs Could Change the Face of Dentistry
May:  A Dentist Shortage? Maybe, Maybe Not
April:  Brains Rule at ADEA Members’ Annual Gathering
March:  New Buildings Support the Use of 21st Century Tools (clinical and pre-clinical facilities)
February:  Pediatric Dental Benefits—Less “Essential” Than Previously Thought
January:  Calculating the Value of our Partnerships with Foundations


December:  The Dental Office: A Portal to Primary Care
November:  Managing Caries Risk: A Paradigm for the 21st Century?
October:  The Personal Becomes Political: A Global Phase Down of Dental Amalgam
September:  Getting a Handle on Educational Costs and Borrowing
August: Preparing to Lead in the Post-Fisher Era (Supreme Court decision on race in admissions)
July: Is Dental Education Ready for MOOCs? (online learning)
June:  Recent Developments on the IPE Front
May: IPE Is Here to Stay
April: Sleepless in Seattle—Well, Almost
March:  Celebrating 90 Years of Shaping Dental Education
February:  Evidence-Based Dentistry: Time to Extend the Curve
January: Remembering Jack Bresch


December:  Number of American Indian Dentists Experiences Amazing Growth Spurt
November: New Bricks and Mortar Bring Welcome Change to Our Campuses
October: A Visit to the Flipped Classroom
September: Reaping the Rewards of Community-Based Education
August: Preparing to Meet the New CODA Standards
July: ADEA CCI: Curricular Change and Then Some
June: Diversifying the Dentist Workforce, One Cohort at a Time
May: Getting in Step with Interprofessional Education
April: Sun Shines on the Many Faces of Engagement
March: Just a Matter of Time? Maybe Not. (three-year medical degrees)
February: Student Debt: Cause or Symptom of Current Ills?
January: Jumping Into the Water with Both Feet 


December: A Small Step for Global Health with Big Implications for Dental Education
November: A Haircut? A Makeover? Threats to GME Could Be More Than Cosmetic
October: Our Commitment to Research: Past, Present, and Future
September: Attracting the Right Mix of Dental School Faculty
August: Dental Hygiene Education Responds to an Evolving Oral Health Workforce
July: Making Waves, One State at a Time (changes in licensure)
June: Has CBCT Become Too Much of A Good Thing?
May: Five Years of Looking Around the Corner (five-year anniversary issue)
April: From San Diego in 140 Characters or Less (2011 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition)
March: Perhaps Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks (digital divide between faculty and students)
February: Paving the Road to Interprofessional Practice
January: Health Care Reform: A Work in Progress

December: A Web-based Solution to Tomorrow's Curriculum Needs
November: New Oral Health Professionals 101: Meet Your Future Colleagues
October: Holding Ourselves to the Highest Standard: Doing What's Best for Patients
September: New Accreditation Standards Affirm a New Direction for Dental Education
August: Looking for Silver Linings Among Economic Storm Clouds
July: Communication†’Trust†’Collaboration†’Regionalization?
June: Beware Complacency in the Evolving Competition for Applicants
May: Who Will Teach the Next Generation?
April: Collectively and As Individuals, ADEA Members Move Mountains (2010 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition)
March: Award Winners Shape Our Community and the World Beyond (William J. Gies Awards for Vision, Innovation, and Achievement)
February: Move Over, Multiple Choice. There Are New Assessments in Town.
January: Can a Girl From the Caribbean Find Happiness in Nebraska? Tales from the AAMC/ADEA Summer Medical and Dental Education Program 

December: Dental Hygiene Program Capacity: Finding the Right Balance
November: The H1N1 Virus Continues to Challenge Academic Dental Institutions
October: Putting Some "Teeth" in Health Care Reform Bills
September: Crossing the Interprofessional Divide
August: Opportunities Abound for New Dental Schools. How Will We Seize Them?
July: When Opportunity Knocks, An Energized Dental Research Community Answers
June: Troubled Assets? Perhaps, but Dental Education Is Holding Its Value in the Higher Education Portfolio (coping with the economic downturn)
May: Absent a Dentist, What's the Alternative? (alternative providers)
April: Science, Policy, Millennial Mores, and More Served with High Spirits at 2009 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition
March: Wanted: Jack of All Trades and Master of Many (pipeline of senior administrators for academic dental institutions)
February: Interprofessional Practice Can Play Leading Role in an Academic Setting
January: The Not So Distant Future: Dental Education in 2050

December: Math Literacy: A New Civil Right for an Information Age
November: From 0 to 13 in 13 Years: ELAM's Impressive Track Record in Preparing Women for Leadership
October: Harmonizing Our Voices: ADEA's Part in the Health Care Reform Debate
September: Catching the Waves of e-Learning and Distance Education
August: Where Does PGY-1 Fit In?
July: It Takes Ideas and Then Some to Spark Lasting Change
June: Positioning Allied Dental Education for "Disruptive" Change
May: New Dental Schools: Proceed, But Appreciate That They Are Only One of Many Answers to Our New Challenges
April: Technology is Great, but People Still Need to Come Together Face-to-Face
March: Getting the Whole Story: A Holistic Admissions Process
February: Future Faculty: ADEA's Multipronged Approach to Alleviating the Current Crisis
January: Giving Professionalism New Meaning 

December: Policy and Politics: Necessary Bedfellows
November: The Gies Awards: Vision, Innovation, and Achievement for the "Welfare of All"
October: Tomorrow's Leaders: Made, not Born
September: Dental Education: An Expanding Universe (Global Congress on Dental Education III)
August: Today's Students-Tomorrow's Colleagues (intensive preparation for dental school to students from disadvantaged backgrounds)
July: Preparing Now for the Future of Dental Education (the ADEA CCI Liaisons conference)
June: Not Just Shrimp and Chardonnay (the role of the ADEA Corporate Council)
May: Metaphors, Similes, Service, and Survival (the relationship between dental schools and their parent institutions)
April: What You Missed if You Weren't in New Orleans for the 2007 ADEA Annual Session
March: Learning Lessons and Lessons Learned from Alaska (emerging models for the allied dental workforce)
February: A Very Thought-filled Process (Second ADEA Advanced Dental Education Summit)
January: Rite of Passage (licensure)

December: A Warm Day in Adelaide (globalization)
November: On AIDS and Dental Education at 25 Years
October: On Leadership
September: Paying the Price (student debt)
August: Commission on Change and Innovation in Dental Education
July: Harnessing the Power of the Knowledge Explosion
June: The Art of Advocacy
May: The Challenge of Changing Demographics