2020 ADEA Deans' Conference (Virtual)

Dates: November 06-20, 2020
Location: Virtual, Online

Featuring the all-virtual 2020 ADEA Deans’ Conference—Disruption: Implications for Oral Health Education—on Nov. 6, 13 and 20, 2020.

Disruption: Implications for Oral Health Education

ADEA Deans’ Collaborative: Working Together for the Future of Oral Health Education

As we navigate the interconnected crises of COVID-19, racial injustice and an uncertain economy, we are being called upon to provide leadership for the future of our dental schools and the dental professions. The necessary shift from an in-person event to a virtual conference provides the ADEA Council of Deans with the opportunity to rethink our 2020 meeting from a point-in-time moment to an extended conversation about the future of dental education.

The ADEA Deans’ Collaborative is a new way of working together to learn from and support each other, to challenge our assumptions and think strategically about the future of our profession, and to make the most of the disruptions that have forced us to work differently. The Collaborative has already launched; we just had not named it yet. Our ADEA Deans’ Town Halls, robust discussions on ADEA Connect, peer-to-peer interactions, sharing of best practices and new learnings are all examples of this new way of working.

The 2020 ADEA Deans’ Conference is a milestone event in the work of the ADEA Deans’ Collaborative. The theme of this year’s conference is likely the theme of your life right now—Disruption: Implications for Oral Health Education.


  • No travel required! The 2020 ADEA Deans’ Conference will include three half-day sessions over a three week period (Nov. 6, 13 and 20).
  • Conference sessions will be informed by the questions and issues identified by the ADEA Council of Deans during the Town Hall meetings this summer.
  • A mix of thought-provoking speakers and “roll up your sleeves” working sessions co-create the future of oral health education.
  • Opportunities to continue the conversation via ADEA Connect between sessions.


Contact: MCET@adea.org