ADEA Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program (ADEA ADCFP)

The ADEA Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program (ADCFP) was founded in 2006 with the goal of discovering and growing tomorrow’s dental faculty and researchers by providing current faculty with tools on how to mentor allied, advanced education and predoctoral dental students and help them develop their plans for pursuing an academic career.

The program provides each academic dental institution a flexible framework that functions as a window for students into the “day-to-day” life and experiences of dental faculty at academic dental institutions through one-on-one mentorship.

The ADEA ADCFP consists of faculty and student pairs who will work in collaboration on a research or teaching project. 

The faculty member will provide mentorship to the student with regard to:

  • Understanding and undergoing the daily experience of a dental school faculty member,
  • Hearing the personal reflections of faculty members via one-on-one interview,
  • Understanding and applying the best practices in learning and research and
  • Planning an academic career and navigating the education landscape.

The ADCFP is a voluntary program offered by ADEA and managed by an ADCFP Liaison located at each individual academic dental program. To date, over 400 students have completed the program, representing over 40 different U.S. and Canadian academic dental institutions. 

To learn more about the ADCFP and the role of the ADCFP Faculty Liaison, watch this brief informational webinar. 

ADEA Academic Dental Careers Fellowship Program Overview Webinar

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To see if your academic dental program currently has an active ADCFP and ADCFP Faculty Liaison that you can contact for volunteer opportunities, see the 2020-21 ADCFP Liaison Roster. PDF


If you are a faculty or student interested in learning more about this program, please contact Renee Latimer, MBA, Senior Director for Professional Development and Educational Technology, at